Community Outreach and Service



Engaging the culture around us as salt and light through intentional individual involvement with:

  • Our northern El Paso County community;

  • The U.S. Air Force Academy; and

  • The poor, needy and unchurched, both locally and across the globe.


Local Outreach.png

Local Outreach

Forestgate exists for one reason, there is good news to share and we want the world to know! Each member of the church is on a vital mission to be salt and light in the spheres of influence where God has placed us. Forestgate seeks to equip and encourage believers to share that good news of the gospel into our neighborhoods, workplaces, schools, and communities. We also seek to be a safe place where members can invite those exploring their faith to come, ask real question, to be honest, and hear the God news that Christ came to reconcile people back to a loving and faithful God.

Church Planting.png

Church Planting

At Forestgate, it is our earnest desire to see the gospel growing and flourishing in Northern El Paso County and we believe a vital way to support that is to establish more faithful churches. Although it may seem at first glance that there are plenty of churches in the area, statistically only 16% of our city is evangelical protestant, that means over 500,000 people in El Paso County do not know the forgiveness, grace, and mercy found in the Gospel. Forestgate is a member of the Western Church Planting Network (WCPN) and seeks to partner and participate in planting more churches along the front range.

Mercy Ministry.png

Mercy Ministry

At Forestgate, we believe that mercy ministry is about meeting the physical needs of our church and our surrounding community in Jesus’ name. We are serving in response to the mercy that Christ has shown us. One of the goals of mercy ministry is that our love will have consequences beyond just meeting peoples’ physical needs, in the hopes that God would bless our efforts to eventually leading someone to Christ. Meeting physical needs can demonstrate to the world a picture of the spiritual healing that is offered in the gospel. Our deacons are leading the way in this area by both offering opportunities in our city to get involved and to spur us all on to love and care for our local community.

Global Missions.png

Global Missions

The Missions team at Forestgate Presbyterian Church supports and encourages the overall mission of the church, which is to proclaim God’s love through the gospel to Colorado Springs, North El Paso County, and the world. The Missions team provides support for missionaries in our community, in our country, and abroad. We want to encourage their work through financial support, prayer, and regular communication. We support various missionaries every month and also give monetary gifts to various other individuals and groups.Our goal is to cultivate a heart for missions among our members by encouraging them to participate in Missions, both directly and indirectly, through short and long-term missions trips, financial support, and prayer.