The Gospel of Knowing For Sure

Luke 1:1–4

Sermon Notes

  1. A Promises-Kept Account, v.1
  2. An Eyewitness Account, v.2
  3. An Orderly Account, v.3
  4. A Certain Account, v.4

Reflection questions

  1. How did being an eyewitness to Jesus’s ministry impact the eyewitnesses? Cf. 2 Peter 1:16ff; Luke 9:28–36 (esp. v.33); Luke 5:8 (compare to Isaiah 6:5)
  2. How is Luke’s gospel not simply a series of stories about Jesus but also a series of Old Testament fulfillments? See Luke 1:1; 24:25–27, 44–49
  3. What are some of the things Luke wanted Theophilus (and all of us) to be certain of? See Luke 1:17, 77; 2:29–32; 4:18–19; 5:32; 9:20–22, 51; 19:10.

    Title taken from a chapter title in Phil Ryken’s commentary on Luke.

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