We Are Here For You

Our pastors and staff are committed to supporting you as you walk through the passing of a loved-one and prepare for a memorial or funeral service. Below we have included information about who to call, the appropriate steps to take, and some helpful resources for you during this time.


What To Do When Someone Passes Away

  1. Report the death to the appropriate authorities:

    • If death occurs at a private residence or at the scene of an accident, call 911 and report the death.

    • If death occurs at a private home with in-home hospice, the hospice agency will contact the authorities (law enforcement and other authorities).

    • If death occurs at a medical facility, the medical facility will contact the appropriate agencies. The medical facility may also need to know your choice of a funeral home.

  2. Call one of the pastors or elders for pastoral care.

  3. Call family and/or friends for moral support.

  4. The Forestgate Event Coordinator (EC) is available to help you coordinate and prepare for the service.