What Kind of ENEMY Do God's People Have?

Esther 2:21-3:15


  1. No Honor for the Honorable, 2:21-3:1.
  2. Undeserved Honor, 3:1-4.
  3. A Dishonorable Bribe, 3:5-11.
  4. Will God Honor His Promises? 3:11-15.

Discussion questions:

  1. One possible explanation for why Mordecai did not bow was the centuries of tension between the Jews and the Amalekites/Agagites (See Ex 17:8-16; 1 Sam 9: 1-2 and 15: 1-3, 8; compare to Esther 2:5 and 3:1.) Is it possible that racial/ethnic tension was a sin the God’s OldTestament people struggled with? (Consider Jonah, especially Jonah 4:1-4) Does that surprise you or not?
  2. Would you feel guilty asking God to honor His promises? Consider Daniel 9:17-19; what is thebasis of Daniel’s prayer? Why is he asking God to deliver them? Discuss all the times he mentions “you” or “your people” or “your name.”
  3. Is it ever hard for you to believe that God can work your circumstances together for good (cf. Rom 8:28)? Does it ever seem like the deck is stacked against you? Consider what James 4:13-15 and Prov 16:9 say about our circumstances and our plans.