What kind of HOPE Do God's People Have?

Esther 5

Sermon Notes

  1. A King's World, a King's Ransom, vv. 1-4

  2. A Queen's Charm, a Queen's Command, vv. 5-8

  3. A Fool's Pride, a Fool's Wrath, vv. 9-14

Discussion questions

  1. Ian Duguid contrasts King Xerxes and his elaborate court rituals with our King who bids us to come boldly before his throne of grace (Heb. 4:15–16), by saying: "Our King has an open-door policy."[1] Why are we able to enjoy such unlimited access to our great King? See Hebrews 4:15–16; 9:11-14; 10:11–14.

  2. When you encounter someone who does not share your beliefs, what tool do you use to convince them: Persuasion or raw power (i.e., arguments, telling them they're wrong)? See 2 Corinthians 5:11–21, esp. vv. 11, 20. What word best describes Paul's technique here, persuasion or argumentation?

  3. Observe Haman's reaction to Mordecai's slight (not bowing) in Esther 5:9-14. Now read Galatians 1:10. How does believing the gospel make a difference when you encounter (constructive or destructive) critics in your life?


  1. Ian Duguid, Ruth and Esther, 70