Jesus is Our Good Shepherd

John 10:11–18

Sermon Notes

  1. Jesus is our protector (v.11–13)
  2. Jesus knows and loves us (v.14–15)
    Side point: We are all needy sheep (v.16)
  3. Jesus gave his life for us (v.17–18)

Questions for Reflection

  1. What are some of the points of imagery you remember from the sermon about sheep and shepherds?
  2. How are you like the sheep? How is Jesus like the good shepherd?
  3. How does being on our own make us more vulnerable to hurts and pains in this life?
  4. Do you feel positive or negative when you think about being known deeply by God? What hesitations might you have to being fully known?
  5. How might understanding your own identity as a sheep, make you more likely to accept "outsiders" inside the church?
  6. Jesus has "snatched us from the jaws of death" by his work on the cross. How does that change your life today? How might you be willing to live differently this week, in light of that truth?