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The Journey to Jerusalem and the Cost of Discipleship

Luke 9:51-62

Sermon Notes

1) The Lord’s Only Focus, 51-53

2) The Lord’s Overzealous Followers, 52-55

3) The Overwhelming Cost of Following Christ, 56-62

Reflection questions:

1. Was the Cross of Christ an accident, or was it God’s plan (Jesus’s plan) from the beginning? Was God in control the whole time? See Acts 2:23-24; Luke 9:51, 53; 10:38; 13:22, 33, 34; 17:11; 18:31; 19:11, 28.

2. James and John had confidence that God could send fire if He wanted. But was their behavior Godly? Why not? Cf. Habakkuk 3:2.

3. Consider/Discuss the following re: v.62 – J.C. Ryle: “Those who look back want to go back.” Phil Ryken: “If we keep second-guessing our decision for Christ, or looking back fondly on our old affections, or even worse, going to the places where we used to sin, then we will never get anywhere with Jesus. If we want to be his disciples, we need to follow him without further delay.”