What Jesus Came to Do

Luke 2:21–37

Sermon Notes

Jesus came to:

  1. Fulfill the Law (v. 21–24)
  2. Save (vv. 21, 30)
  3. Give consolation and comfort (v. 25)
  4. Be a light to the Gentiles (v. 32)
  5. Be the glory to Israel (vv. 26, 32)
  6. Cause the rise and fall of many (v.34)
  7. Die (v. 35)
  8. To reveal the hearts of mankind (v. 35)

Reflection Questions

  1. What are some common misconceptions and wrong beliefs about who Jesus was and what he came to do?
  2. What are some different names and titles for Jesus Christ? (A quick google search can help you out here) How do their meanings help us understand what Jesus came to do?
  3. If you were to summarize the mission of Jesus, what would you say it was? What steps were taken in his life to accomplish it? How does it connect/apply to us?
  4. Our text said Jesus was appointed for the rise and fall of many, and the scriptures describe Jesus as either a cornerstone or a stumbling block. Why is this? Some people seem to be rather unaffected Jesus, but how does a proper understanding of him prevent us from being “neutral” about Jesus?