John: The Baptizer and Forerunner

Luke 3:1–9

Sermon Notes

  1. A new prophet for a turbulent time, vv. 1–2
  2. A new way of life for a wayward people, v.3, 7–9
  3. A new highway for The King to come and save His people, vv. 4–6

Reflection questions

  1. Why does God send a prophet (John) and then another prophet (and priest and king - Jesus) to save God’s people? Why doesn’t he send someone to overthrow the oppressive government ruling over Israel? Compare this story to Judges 6:1–12. Why do you think God waited to send a deliverer, and why did he first send a prophet to Israel? How do these stories tell us what we as God’s people need most?
  2. Reflecting upon John’s calling as a prophet (see v2), JC Ryle writes: “Let it be a part of our daily prayers, that our churches may have no ministers excepting those who are really called of God.”1 Why is that an important prayer? What is the nature of their work, and what is one of the difficulties of their work? (See Hebrews 13:17)
  3. Read Luke 3:4–6 – What obstacle is keeping you from living the way that God has called you to live? What “mountains of pride need to be broken down” and what “valleys of self-pity need to be raised”2 so that you can prepare your heart for the King’s arrival?