The Year of the Lord’s Favor

Luke 4:14–30

Sermon Notes

  1. The Year of the Lord’s Favor, vv. 14–19
  2. The Focus on the Lord’s Sermon, vv. 20–24
  3. The Anger over the Lord’s Rebuke, vv. 23–30

Reflection questions

  1. Jesus’s ministry was both widely acclaimed and angrily rejected. What kind of lesson should that be to us about how our words will be received? (See John 15:18–25)
  2. Does it surprise you that Jesus tells the people he realizes that they don’t believe in Him? Can you think of another time He does this? See John 6:26–29, esp. v.26; notice what story occurs in 6:1–15, as well.
  3. Read Dt. 8:7–8 and Psalm 67:1–5. Why did God bless His people? Was it because of something inherent in them? What was God trying to the world through His chosen people? What was God’s purpose for His chosen people? And what remains the same about that purpose for His people (see Mt. 28:18–20)?
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