Who is Worthy?

Luke 7:1–11

Sermon Notes

  1. A servant that is worthy of saving in his master’s eyes, vv. 1–3
  2. A man who is worthy in other’s eyes, vv. 3–6
  3. A man who is un-worthy in his own eyes, vv. 6–7
  4. A faith that is worthy of imitation in Jesus’s eyes, vv.7–10

Reflection questions

  1. How does the centurion (through his Jewish friends) approach Jesus at first? See vv. 3–5. Compare and contrast this approach to these passages: Luke 18:9–14 and Phil. 3:3–11.
  2. How does the centurion see himself in vv. 6–7? Compare and contrast his self-perception with these passages: Isaiah 6:1–7; Psalm 51 (especially v.17). Luke 5:1–11 (especially v.8)
  3. What is commendable about the centurion’s faith (vv7–9)? Compare Romans 4:18–21 (esp. v.21).