Simon Didn't “Get It”...Do You?

Luke 7:36-50


  1. If you're preoccupied with what others think of you or how others act, you don't "get it" (v.36-40).

  2. If you aren't expressing love that flows from gratitude, you don't "get it" (v.41-46).

  3. If you think avoiding the unclean is what makes you clean, you don't "get" who Jesus is (v.47-50). 

Questions for Reflection:

  1. Are you ever embarrassed by the way another believer behaves when they're "on fire" for Jesus, or how they demonstrate their gratitude in light of the gospel? (v.36-40)

  2. . Does it ever feel unfair that someone can live their entire life in sin, then at the last minute, express faith and repentance in Christ and be given the same status before God that you have? (v.41-46)

  3. Do you ever fear that you will lose God's approval? (v.47-50)