The KING ... in a Feeding Trough

Luke 2:1–21

Sermon Notes

10 Christmas Cards from Bethlehem

  1. a census, vv.1–2
  2. a hometown, vv.3–5
  3. a manger, vv. 6–7a
  4. a full house, v.7
  5. a curious choice, vv. 8–9
  6. a multitude, but not at first, vv. 9–10, 13–14
  7. an awesome sight, vv.9–12
  8. a particular peace, vv. 11–12, 14
  9. a missing wise man (or three?), vv. 15–18
  10. a reflective mother, v. 19

Reflection questions

  1. Why is it important to know that Jesus was born in humble, shameful circumstances and that the first witnesses to his birth were a despised group of shepherds? Compare this to what Jesus says in Luke 5:31–32.
  2. How is the birth of Jesus good news of great joy to you?
  3. How much time have you spent pondering the Christmas story and its impact upon you and upon the world?
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