After Darkness, Light

Luke 1:67–80

Sermon Notes

5 Blessings that the birth of John the Baptist brings to God’s people. It is:

  1. A sign of God’s salvation, vv. 67–71
  2. A confirmation of God’s covenant, vv. 72–73
  3. A freedom to worship God fearlessly, vv. 73–75
  4. A prophet to prepare the Lord’s way, vv. 76–78
  5. A lesser light pointing to the Greatest Light, vv. 78–80

Reflection questions:

  1. What did first–century Israel most want to be delivered from? What do you most want deliverance from? What do you think God most wants to deliver you from?
  2. Why did God deliver His people? (See Lk. 1:74–75) Also read Psalm 67 and compare this passage to the first line of our church’s mission statement (see the front of your bulletin).
  3. Why does God use poetry to teach truth to us? Why doesn’t he just tell us the facts in a more straightforward way? (Try summarizing vv. .78–79 without poetry and see which version is more memorable. Try the same thing with Psalm 23:1 and 2 Samuel 23:1–5.)
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