He Must Become Greater

Luke 3:15–22

Sermon Notes

  1. The Mightier One, vv. 15–18
  2. The Meek One, vv. 19–20
  3. The Beloved Son, vv. 21–22

Reflection questions

  1. John said he was unworthy to do the work of the lowliest servant (untying someone’s sandals) for Jesus, who was far greater than John. What emotions do you feel when you realize that Jesus did a similar, lowly task for his disciples, by washing their feet? (cf. Phil 2:3–8; John 13)
  2. John’s hellfire and brimstone preaching is called “good news” in Luke 3:18. Is news of judgment good news to you? Is judgment the sum-total of the good news? What other blessings are included in the gospel/good news?
  3. Why was Jesus baptized if He was sinless? (Consider 2 Cor. 5:21)