Jesus, son of David, of Abraham, of Adam, of God

Luke 3:23–38

Sermon Notes

Questions to ask of the text:

  • Why is this Genealogy included?
  • Why is it included in this specific part of Luke's Gospel?
  • What are Luke's unique purposes including it (i.e. how is it different than Matthew's list and purposes)?

Conclusion: Luke's main point is to show his audience that Jesus is both the son of Mary and Joseph AND the son of God. He is both God and Man.

Discussion Questions & Further Study

  1. What are some other parts of the Bible that are hard for you to get through when reading?
  2. How can slowing down and asking questions of hard texts help you find meaning from them?
  3. Why was it important that Jesus was born in the lineage of David? Why was it also important that Jesus not be born of "ordinary generation"?
  4. Why is it important that Jesus was fully Divine? Why was it also important that Jesus was fully Human?
  5. Read 1 Corinthians 15:21–22. How does being born of Adam bring death? How does being "in" Christ bring life?
  6. Do any of these questions mean anything (or matter) to you? (Read Hebrews Chapter 2 for help)