Peter’s Come to Jesus Moment

Luke 5:1–11

Sermon Notes

  1. The Mission Jesus Displays, vv. 1–3
  2. The Wisdom Jesus Challenges, vv. 4–7
  3. The Sin Jesus Exposes, vv. 8–10a
  4. The Comfort AS Jesus Calls, v10b
  5. The Freedom Jesus Provides, v.11

Reflection questions

  1. Whether you can’t remember when you weren’t a Christian or whether you have a dramatic conversion story, how is God’s gift of salvation an act of rescuing you from your sin? Consider the following passages: 2 Tim 2:24–26; Gal 6:1–2; Eph 2:1- 5; Col. 1:13–14.
  2. Read Isaiah 6:1–8; what parallels do you see to Peter’s experience in Luke 5:1–11?
  3. Read 2 Tim. 4:1–5; focus especially on v.2. Compare this passage to Jesus’s actions in Luke 4:42–5:3. Now ask yourself: Are you ready “in season and out of season”? Are you “always prepared” (1 Peter 3:15–16) to testify about what God has done in your life? If not, think of at least one way to share with others about how God has given you hope.