Messianic Healing, Messianic Secret, Messianic Mission

Luke 4:38–44

Sermon Notes

  1. The Messianic Healing, vv. 38–39
  2. The Messianic Secret, vv. 40–41
  3. The Messianic Mission, vv. 42–44

Reflection questions

  1. Read vv.38–39; also read Revelation 21:4–5. Now consider – How should we consider Jesus’s miracles in light of our future resurrection and eternal home? And what do you think of the following statement? “They [the miracles] are all intended to fasten in our minds the great truth that Christ is the appointed Healer of every evil which sin has brought into the world.” (J.C. Ryle, Expository Thought on the Gospels: Luke, 1:97)
  2. Why did Jesus not want the demons to tell others about His identity? Compare John 6:15.
  3. What was Jesus’s mission? What is our mission? (Consider Matthew 28:18–20) How can did Jesus stay focused on His mission (v.42; compare Mark 1:35ff)? How did He avoid distractions? Was Jesus afraid to say, “No,” to the expectations and requests of others that interfered with His mission? What lessons can we learn from His practices?