Who Needs a Doctor?

Luke 5:27–32

Sermon Notes

  1. The One Who Follows Jesus, vv. 27–28
  2. The Ones Who Feast with Jesus, v. 29
  3. The Ones Who Frown at Jesus, v.30
  4. The Ones Who Need a Physician Like Jesus, vv. 31–32

Reflection questions

  1. Compare vv.30–32 to Luke 18:9–14. What attitude does Jesus condemn in both stories? Should we be on the lookout for this attitude in our own hearts? (See 1 Cor. 10:12) Should we only have a negative view of ourselves; is this glorifying to God? Consider I Cor. 15:9–10a.
  2. Read vv. 28–29. What attitude did Levi have towards his wealth? What else does the Bible say about our relationship to our money in this life? See 1 Tim. 6:17–19.
  3. How would you react if your son had wasted your money, lived a wild life and then came home, penniless, and asked for your help? Would you grumble (Lk 5:30) or throw a party? Read Luke 15:1–2, 11–32 and ask how you think Jesus would want us to react?