Are you sure you want your best life NOW, not later?

Luke 6:20–26

Sermon Notes

  1. Jesus Promises Your Best Life Later, vv. 20–23
  2. Do You Really Want Your Best Life Now (not later)? vv. 24–26
  3. There Are Still Only 2 Choices, vv. 20–26

Reflection questions

  1. Is laughter always bad? Is mourning always good? Why can mourning be a good thing? Consider Ecclesiastes 7:2–4.
  2. Are wealth and riches always bad? What is the danger of wealth? How can wealth blind us to deeper needs than money and daily bread? See 1 Tim. 6:17–20; Revelation 3:14–22 (especially vv.17–18)
  3. Read Psalm 1 – What are the two ways that the Psalmist lays out? What are the primary differences in these two ways during the here and now? The primary differences in their future destiny?