Ordinary, Radical Christianity: Loving Our Enemies

Luke 6:27–36

Sermon Notes

  1. Love; don’t retaliate, vv. 27–31
  2. Love; don’t return the favor, vv. 30–35.
  3. Love, and remember your Father’s love, vv. 35–36.

Reflection questions

  1. Whose name comes to mind when you hear these words: “Love your enemies”? Whose face do you picture? What do you think Christ wants you to do about that?
  2. Is your life significantly different than that of a sinner, a non–Christian? See Luke 6:32–34. Also see Matthew 6:31–34. How is Luke 6:31 (The Golden Rule) harder than the following: Don’t do anything to someone else that you wouldn’t want them to do to you?
  3. Have you forgotten that you were once an enemy of God? Read Romans 5:6–10; Luke 6:35– 36; Ephesians 4:32. How can the knowledge that you were once an enemy of God motivate you to love others who are difficult for you to love?