A Kingdom Parable

Luke 8:1–15

Sermon Notes

  1. Kingdom Servants, 1–3
  2. Kingdom Seeds, 4–15
    1. Why Seeds? Why parables? 4, 8–11
    2. Seeds in the Road, 5, 12
    3. Seeds in the Rocky soil, 6, 13
    4. Seeds in the Thorns, 7, 14
    5. Seeds in the Good Soil, 8, 15

Reflection questions

  1. The Kingdom Servants in vv. 2–3 served Jesus (and His Kingdom) by meeting their daily needs through the wealth that God had given them. What are some of the gifts (time, talents, resources) that God has given you that could you in His Kingdom Service? Cf. Romans 12:6–8.
  2. Why do you think Jesus highlights “riches” (along with cares and pleasures) as one of the things that can choke our faith and cause us to not bear fruit in this life? Cf. 1 Tim. 6:5–10
  3. Does being “good soil” that “bear(s) fruit with patience” mean that you will never have difficulties, disappointments, or spiritual failures in this life? Consider what Paul says about the latter in Romans 7:15–8:1.