The Transfiguration

Luke 9:27–36

Sermon Notes

  1. The Glory of the Greater Moses, 27–31
  2. The Gaffe of an Overwhelmed Disciple, 32–34
  3. The Greatness of God the Son, 34–36

Reflection questions

  1. Phil Ryken writes: “Jesus prays before each new phase of ministry (e.g., Luke 3:21; 6:12; 11:1) ... this is most necessary when we are about to take up a new calling, such as school, work, ministry, marriage, parenthood, or retirement.” (Luke, I:470, emphasis added) What upcoming transitions should you be praying about?
  2. Peter wanted the glorious presence of Christ to remain, and in his excitement, he also put Christ on a level with Moses and Elijah (cf v.33). How are we tempted to make the same errors: Desiring victory and glory before suffering (cf vv.23–27 from last week), or thinking too little of Christ? (Is 59:1, 16ff)
  3. How have you been tempted this week to “listen” (v.35) to someone other than God’s Son? What steps could you take to focus more on Christ’s Word? See Psalm 1:2–3.
Chris Krycho