Christ’s Patient Endurance with His Clueless Disciples

Luke 9:37–50

Sermon Notes

  1. The disciples’ unbelief: lack of faith in the Son’s power, 37–42
  2. The disciples’ indifference: lack of understanding about the Son’s mission, 43–45
  3. The disciples’ arrogance: lack of humility in the Son’s presence, 46–48
  4. The disciples’ combativeness: lack of awareness of the Son’s enemies, 49–50

Reflection questions

  1. Whose unbelief does Jesus condemn in this passage? Compare Mark 9:18–25. What is the remedy for unbelief? (Consider this quote from Calvin’s Harmony of the Evangelists, II:325–6 – “As our faith is never perfect, it follows that we are partly unbelievers ... It is our duty in the meantime, carefully to shake off the remains of infidelity which adhere to us, to strive against them, and to pray to God to correct them, and, as often as we are engaged in this conflict, to fly to him for aid.”)n
  2. Is it wrong to strive to be great? Is it wrong to strive to the greatest, or greater than your brothers and sisters in Christ?
  3. Read Luke 9:50. Now read Luke 11:23 (and the context). Who or what is Jesus denouncing in each verse? What common allegiance is he encouraging? What common enemy is present in both passages?
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